What is the Immunobiotech Viewspace?

The ImmunoBiotech Viewspace is a compilation of data regarding publicly-traded biotechnology companies that have developed products related to the field of immunology, such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and cellular or pharmacologic therapies relevant to the human immune system. It is an educational resource for investors, scientists, and anyone interested in the field of immunology and does not offer investment advice. Please refer to our Overview page to view a sitemap of all of the pages on our site, which include a Catalyst Timeline, Drug Database, and more..

The ImmunoBiotech Viewspace is a service of ImmunoFrontiers, a news website dedicated to reporting the latest research and therapies from the field of immunology. Learn more about us.

What are the benefits of membership and how does it work?

While some information on our website is available to anyone free of charge, other information, such as data regarding upcoming catalysts and drug pipelines, is accessible only by members. The cost of membership is $14.99 per month and cancellable at any time. Due to PayPal processing fees, we can only provide partial refunds and do so only on a case-by-case basis. For our full Refund Policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by following the process outlined on our sign-up page. Membership payments are processed via PayPal. This means that memberships can be re-activated or cancelled directly from the PayPal website.

You may become a member (“subscribe”) regardless of whether you previously registered an account with us (register here). After subscribing, unregistered users will be prompted to create an account while registered users will find that their existing account has been upgraded.

Your account will remain active, regardless of whether it has “member” status, until you delete it. This gives you the opportunity to re-activate an inactive account at a later time, if you choose.

How do I cancel my subscription and/or delete my account?

Links to subscription cancellation and account deletion are found on the manage profile page. Please note that the subscription must be cancelled prior to account deletion.

Users may also cancel their subscription directly from their PayPal profile (https://www.paypal.com/).

How do I change the password or other information (e.g. name, e-mail address) associated with my account?

The password, name, and display name associated with your account can be updated from the manage profile page.

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