Welcome to the ImmunoBiotech Viewspace, a service of the news website ImmunoFrontiers. Here you will find coverage of publicly-traded biotechnology companies developing products related to the human immune system, a subset of biotech stocks that we term “ImmunoBiotech.” Ranging from vaccines to targeted antibody therapies, these companies are collectively pioneering novel treatments and preventative medications for cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and more.

In recent decades, the manipulation of the immune system has in some instances shown remarkable capacity for treating disease as compared to alternative methods or placebo: extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer, seasonal allergies, stage III melanoma, moderate-to-severe psoriasis, and more. A variety of immunomodulators have been developed to treat disease, ranging from antibodies that inhibit the immune response to small molecules that promote it (and vice versa), intravenously-administered cell-based therapies, “silver bullet” antibodies linked to chemotherapeutic agents, and others. Learn about current immune-modulating therapies from cancer.gov, MD Anderson, the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, and the Cleveland Clinic.

There are now well over one hundred ImmunoBiotech companies publicly-traded on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchanges.

This website is intended to (1) serve as an information resource for scientists, investors, business professionals, and others with an interest in companies related to the field of immunology, (2) increase awareness regarding publicly-traded ImmunoBiotech companies, and (3) support the education of anyone interested. Thank you for your interest in the ImmunoBiotech Viewspace.

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